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Paying the extra for paint protection when you purchase a new vehicle is worth it in the long run.

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10:15 AM

Paying the extra for paint protection when you purchase a new vehicle is worth it in the long run.”


There's nothing like the proposition of driving a new car straight out of the dealership. As you put it into gear and rev the engine, that fresh car smell filling your nostrils, it's impossible not to feel a swelling sense of pride. You just know that for the weeks and months ahead, your new car will be your most prized possession.


It makes sense you want to keep it looking in tip-top shiny shape for as long as you possibly can, right?


That’s what the car dealership is hoping, too. Before you sign on the dotted line, the salesperson will use your emerging excitement and sense of pride in your glossy new automobile to up-sell you on all sorts of extras, the very least of which is car paint protection.


Don’t get us wrong. You absolutely need paint protection for a new vehicle. You just don’t need the kind dealers try to sell you. And here’s why.


A dealer will try to convince you that their exorbitantly priced paint protection is the only way to keep your brand new, gleaming car free from rust, scratches and weather damage. They'll work on you with psychological finesse, playing up your fears about damaging your new significant investment and trying to make you think their solution is reasonably priced compared to the money you've just forked over for the car.


It isn't. First, cars these days roll of the production line with pretty good rust and paint protection. The technology has come a long way. If your vehicle develops duco issues during the warranty period, it's completely covered.


New car paint actually benefits from regular cleaning and polishing, so you shouldn’t need the extra protection they’re trying so hard to sell you.


Second, dealers often argue that dealer-provided paint protection comes with a lifetime warranty. Sounds good, but make sure you read the fine print. Usually, this comes with caveats that you'll need to commit to a strict cleaning regime or void the warranty.


We’d also question whether dealer provided paint protection is as longlasting as claimed – often it’s nothing more than a good wax or cermaic coating that needs to be touched up regularly. No paint protection lasts forever – as dealers know only too well – but there are some designed to perform more effectively over a more extended period.


Thirdly, you can get a much better protection product and a far better price from a professional car detailing service aftermarket. Your local detailer will treat your car with a smart polymer or nano-ceramic sealant at a fraction of the cost a dealer will charge you – and it will last longer, be easier to maintain and look far more swish, too.


The latest technology nano-ceramic coatings give your car molecular protection for the ultimate finish. You'll get a toughened surface with incredible shine and shielding abilities from a wide array of potential pollutants, including scratching, hard water, oil, dirt and dust, weather and UV rays, chemicals, oxidation, corrosion and even graffiti.


Nano-ceramic coatings are also easier to clean – they’ll even repel the rinse water, so your car dries super shiny in no time, every time. Their anti-static features make it easier to keep your vehicle looking brand new – and that means you get to enjoy that proud feeling for a great deal longer.