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Other Services

We don't only cater for cars we have the knowledge and capablity to also perform paint corrections and apply Ceramic Pro Paint Protection on trucks, boats, motorbikes and caravans!



The application of Ceramic Pro on boats has many advantages when it comes to maintaining and cleaning not to mention the protection the boat is receiving from the harsh sun and UV elelments.

Every boat owner Knows how difficult it can be removing and cleaning the staining left form river water on the hull after every use.

Unless the boat is brand new the boat will generally require at very miniumm a 1 stage buff to ensure the surface is cleaned before application.



Our buffing services are particularly popular amongst businesses to keep thier vehicles and brand looking immaculate whilst on the road.

This can also be complamented with the application of Ceramic Pro paint protection to ensure the paint stays looking as good as possible for a long period. Trucks are subject to more industrial fallout due to the locations and harsh enviroments they frequent such as quaries, docks etc.

Coated with Ceramic Pro 9H

Coated with Ceramic Pro 9H