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Sydney’s leaders in car ceramic paint coatings


No matter how new or old your vehicle is, you’re likely to always be on the hunt for the best possible protection on the market. As a popular option, car ceramic coatings last for years, rather than weeks.


Offering this solution to clients throughout Sydney, Wow Buffing provides the highest quality car ceramic paint coating protection with peace of mind and assurance. We provide a range of services suitable for cars of all makes and models, and specialise in professional, long-lasting results, preserving the lustre of your paintwork – on both new and older cars.

Ceramic coatings for superior protection


One of the main advantages of investing in this form of protection is its longevity. Waxes and synthetic sealants can be effective in the short term, but without regular re-application, your car’s finish will remain vulnerable to the many hazards it faces when you drive –  such as rain, mud and dust. 

This type of solution forms a semi-permanent bond with your vehicle and it won’t wash off in the rain or wear away after a few days. 


Trust our team of experts


Wow Buffing is an approved Ceramic Pro 9H applicator, with the dedication and attention-to-detail to provide a flawless finish every time. Our team ensures that your coating is applied to the highest professional standard and provides all the benefits these products are famous for.


Wow Buffing owner and operator Frank Membreno has two decades of automotive industry experience, giving you the peace of mind that your vehicle is in the best hands.

Working with a professional and knowledgeable tradesman ensures that you receive workmanship based on experience and expertise across the full scope of car finishing and painting, not simply a technician trained to perform one task.


Frank’s expertise also means your new car ceramic coating will provide years of protection and keeps your paintwork looking as good as new.