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Headlight Restoration

Astra headlight before

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Astra headlight after

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Liberty headlight before

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Liberty headlight after

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Apart from the appearance of your vehicle, have you ever noticed your headlights? Are they clear, shiny or are they hazy, yellowed and discoloured? The majority of headlights nowadays are made out of plastic (polycarbonate) which without proper maintenance will undoubtedly be affected by the suns UV rays, acid rain, salt and road debris and will discolour your cars clear plastic lenses. 


Yellowed/discoloured headlights are not just a cosmetic issue but also one of concern regarding safety particularly at night. Many drivers think that poor visibility of a night time will require high beams, however this will not fix the problem, the problem lies within the actual headlight which requires restoration to fix the visibility issue. This is where WOW car buffing services can completely rectify this problem for you.


The pictures speak for themselves. Please note, all photos have not been altered or edited.